1. What hardware is needed to implement;
  2. a). Sage pastel partner
    b). Sage pastel express
    c). Sage Pastel Evolution’
    d). Isoft Payroll

  3. Does the software come with an annual licensing fee?
  4. YES

  5. Does the payroll software comply with New NSSF law?
  6. YES

  7. Is the accounting software compliant with KRA itax requirements?
  8. YES – IQplus iTax Module

  9. How long does implementation of the accounting software take?
  10. Implementation varies depending on the customer requirements and specific modules/product procured

  11. Is there any extra cost for software updates? Upgrades?
  12. Software updates are free to clients on AMC. Upgrades attract are free for clients on Annual Cover but attract a fee if not on Annual Cover

  13. Is it possible to convert the data from our software to sage pastel software?
  14. This will depend on your software dig their good paper websites

  15. Is it possible to integrate Sage Pastel software to our other softwares?
  16. YES

  17. Is possible to have a dedicated member of your staff as our dedicated support consultant?
  18. YES

  19. What is the average cost for the accounting software? Payroll software?
  20. Software cost will depend on product/modules procured

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